Barb Rocks Presents


Barbara Wahli, known as Barb Rocks to the Bay Area faithful, is recognized for putting on highly-organized and well-attended shows at reputable venues in the San Jose Bay Area.  Barb Rocks Presents focuses mainly on all types of rock music, from indie to alternative to punk to blues, but is open to music of all genres.  Each show is carefully organized for cohesion between the bands, so that the music compliments each other and audiences get to experience an unforgettable night of entertainment that flows together.  Many local favorites will only work with Barbara, as their experiences with her surpass others in quality, organization, communication, and compensation. Although Barbara focuses on unsigned regional bands, she has booked some well-known artists, including Foster The People, Mike Herrera of MxPx, and The Original Wailers.

Barb Rocks managed the Woodstock Pizza stage at the inaugural Santa Cruz Music Festival in 2013 and the Streetlight Records stage in 2015.  Barbara was a core group member of the community outreach movement that created and hosted downtown San Jose's annual music festival Left Coast Live from 2009 to 2011, and she was on the West Fest committee, which organized an annual all-ages show at West Valley College in 2009 and 2010.  Barbara also handled social media outreach for the Woodstock 40th Anniversary Celebration in 2009.  Barbara is appreciated by her peers for all her hard work and dedication to revitalizing the local music scene, which earned her the honor of being picked as 'Best South Bay Scene Queen' by Metro Newspapers in September 2010, stating that "her energy is infectious, and her ear for local talent remarkable."

Barbara has extensively grown her booking network and is constantly working on new ways to get her branding into new ventures.  In 2014, she created and hosted the debut Ugly Whale showcase in Austin during SXSW week, which she funded through a successful Kickstarter campaign.  Barbara plans to grow Ugly Whale into a bigger showcase in more cities featuring Bay Area bands.  In 2015, she joined forced with her talented culinary brother Chef Baudi to create and produce Rock-N-Cook, a new pop-up dining experience with live music and band interviews, all with the goal of developing the concept into a reality TV show.

Band Management & MORE


Not only is Barbara well-known as one of the most respected promoters in the bay area, she also supports various musicians in band management and artist development, as well as other booking and promotional help.  Barb Rocks Management Roster currently consists of CitabriaThe Go Ahead, Lucas Gordon, Sit Kitty Sit, and Stormy Strong.  Barb Rocks Booking Roster includes Eyes On The Shore The Gentlemen Amateurs, Life Size ModelsSkyway ViewTill I FallZack Freitas, and is constantly growing.

Barb Rocks regularly teams up with other local music related individuals and companies, knowing these collaborations would lead to bigger and better things for the South Bay scene.  Currently Barbara is heading the South Bay chapter of Balanced Breakfast, a weekly meet-up of musicians and music industry professionals built on creating community, talking about actions they can employ that will help grow the scene.  Balanced Breakfast currently has 14 chapters through the USA and is growing, with the plan of having chapters in every major city and creating a supportive touring network of musicians, labels, booking agents, managers, publicists, bloggers, engineers, producers, and music enthusiasts that support one another. Already a leader in the Northern California music scene, Barbara keeps looking for ways to expand her business and get more involved in the music industry.

In Summer 2015, Barbara joined Nemesis Media Inc., a company she's collaborated with on many events and occasions, as their Vice President of Artists & Repertoire.  With decades of experience combined, Nemesis Media Inc. and Barb Rocks are able to reach out to more audiences and continue to place the needs of their artists first.  Together they work with 6+ up-and-coming talented bands and artists, developing them from ground-up, nurturing every aspect of their business practices and branding, to ensure fruitful and quality exposure and growth.

Knowing she can work remotely from anywhere, Barbara bought a Thor Majestic 19G RV in early 2017 so she can travel around the country with her cat Maverick and blog about all the beautiful places they visit.  Follow their journeys at Majestic Maverick, as well as on Instagram & Twitter.